2023 How to register Baidu Netdisk ? use overseas mobile phone numbers and Computer mobile versions Taiwan Malaysia Hong Kong Canada Australia apply for teaching


29/11/2022 Successfully registered, using a Hong Kong mobile phone number

1.Apply for an account

Note: Both the computer and mobile version can be successfully registered!

Overseas user registration website: enter the link

Fill in the registration information as shown above.
Obtaining the verification code may display: the time is busy and the message cannot be received smoothly.
Please try again to receive the verification code after a while
I was rejected at noon and successfully received a verification code after 21:00 pm.

2.Automatically go to the overseas login page

After successful registration, the screen will display You have successfully registered!

Then login page of the overseas version.

You can try to go to this link directly to see if you can successfully open the network disk resources.

3.Mobile version/computer version login

The login page of the computer version is as shown above, link to Baidu AI Cloud,
1 Do not change the language to Chinese, please keep the screen in English!
2 If the mobile phone has not downloaded the network disk APP to log in, please click Password, and you will see the QRCODE scan code to log in
3 Move to Password and click, you will see the picture above, you can fill in the account password. After successful login, ignore the page that prompts you to activate the service.

Go directly to Baidu Netdisk: link to the web version

Mobile version

“Baidu Wangpan” on the App Store

Baidu Netdisk – App Store

After the download is complete, open it and follow the steps to log in with your mobile phone

Extended teaching: How to view/download the free resources provided by this site?

First of all, after you have a Baidu Netdisk account, open the Baidu resource links collected on this site, and you can view image files, document files, and audio-visual files online, so you can also watch these resources on your mobile phone. You can also transfer the resources to your Baidu account, and then you can save it permanently, so as to prevent the account from becoming invalid due to expiration or deletion of its resources. You can also use the computer version to download resources, follow the instructions to download the Baidu Netdisk software, and then you can download the resources to your computer for learning purposes. On the whole, Baidu Netdisk is a relatively convenient and stable platform, and the platform has a lot of resources. If you are going to start with Diandupen, it is very necessary to spend some time registering an account.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget the password of an overseas account, it is basically impossible to get it back, because you cannot use the overseas number to find the password! If you buy a membership and want to keep your account safe, you must bind your email to log in in My Account Settings Note: You can only use QQ and 163 domain mailboxes to bind mailboxes, and these two mailboxes must also be registered with the overseas version